Professional Certificates & Training

Aug 2000

Microsoft Certificate of Achievement (MCA)- Preinstalling and Deploying MS windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft.

Aug 2000

Microsoft Certificate of Achievement (MCA)- Installing and Configuring MS Windows 2000 File, Print and Web Servers, Microsoft.

Aug 2000

Microsoft (MCA) – Creating and Managing Web Solutions, Microsoft.

Feb 2001

Microsoft Certified Professional  + Internet  (MCP+I) , Microsoft.

Feb 2001

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) - 6 Exams, Microsoft. 

Sep 2001

International Computer Driving License (ICDL), Unesco, Egypt.

Feb 2004

Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform (MS BI), Microsoft, Egypt.

Nov 2006

IDS-Sheer ARIS - Certificate of  Completion ARIS Training Course.

Mar 2008

SAP - University Alliance Program (SAP- UAP100), Helsinki, Finland.

May 2008

SAP01 SAP Overview, SAP AG, Helsinki, Finland.

May 2008

SAP20 SAP Business Suite, SAP AG, Helsinki, Finland.

May 2008

WDESAP SAP Business Suite, SAP AG, Helsinki, Finland.

June 2008

Teradata Business Intelligence, Teradara, Egypt.

June 2012

UCC10 – Introduction: Cooperation within the SAP University Alliances Program, GUC, Cairo, Egypt.

June 2012

UCC20 – SAP Overview, GUC, Cairo, Egypt.

Aug 2012

SAP, GBI 2.1 curricula, GUC, Cairo, Egypt.

Jan 2014

Rapid Miner - data mining tool, Luleå, Sweden.

Apr 2014

QlikView, Qlik, Oslo, Norway.

Apr 2014

Rapid Miner & Tableau -Advanced datamining & visualization techniques, Sweden.

Nov 2014

XLedger ERP training- Xledger, Oslo, Norway.

Nov 2015

Visma eAccounting- Visma AS, Oslo, Norway.

Oct 2016

R Programming for Big Data Analytics, Porto, Portugal.

Apr 2018

AI & Chat Bots by ASURE AS, Oslo, Norway.

Mar 2019

Introduction to SAP Analytics (SAP BW on HANA + SAP BO + Front End Tools). University of Magdeburg, SAP Alliance HQ, Germany.




Feb 2002

“Effective Teaching Methods” training course for Assistant Lecturers, (Arab Academy for Science and Technology AAST).

Feb 2009

“Teaching Methods and Reliable Assessment” training course for lectrurers, (The German University in Cairo GUC).

Jan 2010

Qualitative Methods and Data Analysis course by Ann Langley, Janet Sallaf, and Arent Greve, Norwegian School of Economics NHH, Bergen.

June 2011

Quantative Methods Course by Detmar Straub, UiA.



Academic Training and Courses

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