Current and Recent Master Supervision

Current Students

  • Stina Dreierbakken, Internet of things and the future of retail,Kristiania University College.

  • Gelareh Mohebbi, Exploring predictive maintenance and IOT applications in the Industrial Context,Kristiania University College.

  • Erik Zacharias Nilsson and Jørgen Bergset, Electronic Word of Mouth and Sharing Economy,Kristiania University College.

Recently Completed

  • Tim De Fouw, Security Convergence: definition and challenges (2018). TIAS School for Business & Society. 

  • Vidya Sekhar, Comparative study and analysis of IoT Analytics’ impact in smart city development projects across Europe and Asia (2018). TIAS School for Business & Society. 

  • Pei-Chuan Hsieh, The Power of Electronic Word of Mouth in Cosmetic Product Development(2018). TIAS School for Business & Society.

  • Pranitha Bhat,Measuring Purchasing Intent Using Social Media Data:  An Examination of Competitive Strategy of India’s Smartphone Industry (2018).TIAS School for Business & Society.

  • Cao Minh Thuy Nguyen, Forecasting House Prices in Ho Chi Minh City (2018). TIAS School for Business & Society.

  • Chi Ya Wen, Social media application to service improvement: The impact of data mining of online customer reviews on Airbnb (2018). TIAS School for Business & Society.

  • Reza Tabrizizadeh, The Impact of Staff Allocation on EBIT (2018). TIAS School for Business & Society.

  • Sjed-Sonny Demi, A cloud life cycle: the retirement phase (2018),Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

  • Gia Bao Nguyen & Espiritu, Andreas, Organizational ambidexterity and Internet of Things(2018), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

  • Jinyu Shao, Is Google enough? Introduction of Companybook-A discovery engine with AI news trigger (2018), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

  • Endale Mitiku Adere, Competitive advantage: Through manpower or digital workforce?   Enterprise Resources Planning Vs Robotic Process (2018), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

  • Su Kuan-lin, Approaches to implement Big Data analytics into the different stages of financial statement audits(2017). TIAS School for Business & Society.

  • Xin Roxy Ye, The impact of credit system on C2C online sales-A case study of Taobao platform (2017). TIAS School for Business & Society.

  • Linh Thi My Hoang, Cashew nut price-forecasting model – which factors affect the price of cashew nuts in Vietnam? (2017). TIAS School for Business & Society.

  • Andreas Saedberg Hansen, Cloud ERP Motivations and Barriers in the Norwegian Public Sector(2016), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

  • Liao Chun Yuan, Using Statistical Figures to Analyze NBA Games and Getting Game Insights(2016), TIAS School for Business and Society. 

  • Ozaire Sajid, The motivation and perception of Contactless NFC Mobile Payment in Norway - A look into the users’ perspective(2015/2016), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

  • Aamir Ashraf, Customer Experience Management: How to identify the constructs and its indicators to develop Customer Experience Index for Norwegian retail industry?(2015), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

  • Ghulam Mujtaba, Analyzing Social Engineering Threats within an Information Technology Environment (2015/2016),

  • Jeff Somto Orazulume, ERP implementation (managing client-consultant relationship in ERP implementation. (2016/2017), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

  • Muhammad Sair, How Organization Can Integrate Big Data in Their Digital Strategies for Purpose of Creating New Value and Product(2016/2017), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

  • Elise Bjelland, The process of cloud based ERP system updates (2016/2017), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

Maruf Ahmed Khan, How Organization Can Integrate Big Data in Their Digital Strategies for Purpose of Creating New Value and Product(2016/2017), Westerdals- Oslo ACT.

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